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Eversor, was born in Athens, Greece, and fell in love with hip-hop during the golden era of mid 90s. Because of that, his sound is heavily influenced by that boom bap feel on the drums, thumping sub basslines and many obscure samples fitted to a solid soundtrack made in a more futuristic way, but still reflecting the classic, true hip-hop sound.
Apart from producing for his crew (Phase3) and blessing many local major and underground artists, Eversor got his name outta Greece in the early age of 21, he entirely produced an EP with underground/independent artists from US & Canada (Back to the Essence EP) and just after that he was asked by the legendary gaming company, Atari in collaboration with writer/clothing line owner, Marc Ecko, to contribute his production in the PS2 action/graffiti game, Getting Up. His name can be found next to Rakim, Busta Rhymes and Isaac Hayes among many others in the soundtrack of the game.
All these years his beats were blessed by artists like: Substance Abuse, Main Flow & Esoteric (producing the self titled Return of the Castle album track), Sci-Development, Phil The Agony & Planet Asia, Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers, Crucifix Payne & Canibus, Blaq Poet of Screwball and many more.
In 2010,he was picked by Europe’s major urban project, Diversidad, in Europe’s finest beatmakers alongside Cookin Soul, Spike Miller and CHI, for the Diversidad 2010 album purposes.
Apart from producing instrumentals for albums ,he has also produced beats for 3 documentary films, based in hip-hop culture and lifestyle, by gaining honorable titles for his music, as well.
He’s also staying busy by composing music for television documentaries and making top notch sound samples available to music producers.

Selected Discography

  • Eversor presents “Back to the essence EP” (Phase3/DME – 2005)
  • Production in “Getting Up Hardcore theme” (Marc Ecko/Atari)
  • Phase3 “Εξακριβωση στοιχειων” (HXOTPON/DME – 2007)
  • Production in theme music of “Rythms & Rhymes” documentary by N. Skarentzos (2008)
  • Production in the DVD menu of “International Hip-Hop” magazine (2010)
  • Main Flow feat. Esoteric “Return of the Castle” (Main Flow – Return of the castle / Wannabattle 2010)
  • Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus “Game time” (Snowgoons presents Savage Bros. & Lod Lhus – The iron fist / Goon Musick 2011)
  • Production for Nach on “Tu” feat. Madnass, “Hermano Ser”, “El reino de lo absurdo” (Nach – Mejor que el silcencio – Universal 2011)
  • Production for Diversidad Experience on “Slow Down”, “The Anthem”, “Concrete Jungle” (Diversidad The Experience album – EMO/DLP 2011)
  • Production in the iTunes single “Tatttoo gun scarz” feat. Soulkast x Joell Ortiz from Slaughterhouse (Komon Saiko)
  • Eversor presents “The Ghost of Two-Gun Tommy” (MLB/Tomahok – 2011)
  • Εισβολέας x Eversor “Ο μύθος καταρρέει” (MLB/Tomahok – 2012)
  • Production for Pitcho on “D’une autre planete”, “#RDVAF”, “Mars Venus” and “Apres la pluie” (Skinfama – 2012)
  • Anser x Eversor “Flow Royal” (MLB/Flowjob – 2013)